WTS Energy Careers

WTS Energy Careers UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Nigeria, Kenya, Mexico

WTS Energy Careers. WTS Energy is the main Consultant/Manpower Supply organization to the worldwide Oil, Gas and Energy industry. We supply Consultants to the Projects and Operations of our Clients. We additionally perform Outsourcing Services like Project Recruitment Campaigns and Workforce Management in Oil and Gas locales over the globe. We work universally with workplaces in 16 countries, supplying the International Oil, Gas and Energy industry with expert staff. WTS Energy Careers

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We give the best individuals to Upstream, Midstream and Downstream ventures and operations. Whether you’re professional in Administrative, Accounting and Finance, Engineering, Line Senior Network, Human Resources, Information Technology / Services, Marketing and Trading and any other areas, there is a career opportunity for you at WTS Energy. WTS Energy Careers

WTS Energy Oil and Gas Vacancy – Worldwide Jobs

  • Company Name: WTS Energy Netherlands B.V.
  • Job Location: U.A.E, K.S.A, USA, UK, India, Netherlands, Africa
  • Nationality: All Nationalities can Apply
  • Education: Diploma/Degree
  • Experience: Experienced are preferred
  • Salary Range:  To be discussed

WTS Energy Careers UAE, KSA, Qatar, UK: Oil and Gas Careers

The energy transition has brought new challenges and opportunities to all of us. Initiatives to move towards more sustainability and lower carbon emissions require organizations to introduce more flexibility and agility to their operations. Specific and new expertise is required. A different project approach is needed, and there should be technology to support it. WTS Energy will provide you with help and support in this process. WTS Energy Careers

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WTS Energy provides employees with competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefit plan, enabling you to develop professionally and achieve the long-term goals of the competition. WTS Energy encourages work-life balance. The company offers programs such as “Living Like Work”, which provides advice, recommendations and resources on parenting, career planning, home care, and exit (planning) education. WTS Energy Careers

Site Coordinator – contract opportunity Netherlands
Project Manager OSBL Netherlands
Development & Fundraising – Internship Netherlands
HR Business Partner Netherlands

Staffing remains a core component of WTS Energy’s business model. The company specializes in providing skilled personnel across various disciplines, including engineering, project management, operations, and maintenance. WTS Energy’s staffing services are designed to be flexible, catering to both long-term and short-term project needs. The company maintains a large database of qualified professionals, allowing it to quickly respond to client requirements. WTS Energy Careers

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The staffing solutions cover a wide range of roles, from onshore and offshore positions to specialized technical roles in fields such as drilling, subsea engineering, and geosciences. WTS Energy’s robust recruitment process ensures that candidates not only possess the necessary technical skills but also align with the client’s organizational culture and safety standards. WTS Energy Careers

Lead Techhnical Safety Engineer UAE
Terminal Manager UAE
Supply Chain Administrator UAE
Assistant Manager Piping ( shipyard) UAE

We provide consultants for clients’ projects and operations. In addition, we also provide outsourcing services in oil and gas regions around the world, such as project recruitment activities and labor management. We have extensive cooperation with workplaces in 16 countries/regions to provide experts in the international oil, gas and energy industries. WTS Energy Careers

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WTS Energy offers comprehensive engineering and project management services aimed at optimizing project delivery and operational efficiency. These services include feasibility studies, detailed engineering design, procurement support, construction management, and commissioning. By providing end-to-end project management solutions, WTS Energy helps clients navigate the complexities of energy projects, ensuring they are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards. WTS Energy Careers

Manager, Marine & Shipping Operations Nigeria
Subsurface Engineer Nigeria
SCM Strategy Management Supervisor Nigeria
Project Design Lead Nigeria

. We provide the best talents for upstream, midstream and downstream companies and businesses. Whether you are a professional in administration, accounting and finance, engineering, circuit advanced network, human resources, information technology/service, marketing and trade, and any other field, WTS Energy can provide you with career opportunities. Eve, because in the end everything is related to people. WTS Energy Careers

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The company employs a multidisciplinary team of engineers and project managers with extensive experience in the energy sector. This expertise enables WTS Energy to handle projects of varying scales and complexities, from small-scale modifications and upgrades to large greenfield developments. WTS Energy Careers

Ingeniero de Instrumentación y Control Mexico
Production Coordinator | E&P Mexico
Electrical Engineer | E&P | Offshore & Onshore Mexico
QHSE Specialist Mexico

. WTS Energy provides employees with competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefit plan, enabling you to develop professionally and achieve the long-term goals of the competition. WTS Energy encourages work-life balance. The company offers programs such as “Living Like Work”, which provides advice, recommendations and resources on parenting, career planning, home care, and exit (planning) education. WTS Energy Careers

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In addition to staffing and project management, WTS Energy offers consulting and advisory services to help clients address strategic and operational challenges. These services include market analysis, risk management, regulatory compliance, and sustainability consulting. By leveraging its industry knowledge and analytical capabilities, WTS Energy provides actionable insights that drive informed decision-making and strategic planning. WTS Energy Careers

Ingénieur Génie-Civil spécialiste en Béton précontraint France
Acheteur spécialisé en Freight Maritime France
Acheteur spécialisé dans le secteur de l’énergie France
Subsea Equipment Engineer France
One area of focus is helping clients navigate the energy transition. As the global energy industry shifts towards more sustainable practices, WTS Energy assists companies in integrating renewable energy solutions, improving energy efficiency, and reducing their carbon footprint. This includes advising on the adoption of new technologies, optimizing energy systems, and developing sustainability strategies. WTS Energy Careers

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WTS Energy’s global presence is one of its key strengths. The company operates in major energy hubs around the world, including North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. This extensive network allows WTS Energy to offer local expertise and support, tailored to the specific regulatory, cultural, and operational conditions of each region. WTS Energy Careers

Construction Manager Saudi Arabia
Planning Manager (Mega Dam Projects) Saudi Arabia
Quality Assurance Manager (Mega Dam Project) Saudi Arabia
Senior Environmental Engineer(Logistics) Saudi Arabia
Despite its global scale, WTS Energy maintains a strong focus on providing personalized service. The company works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and challenges, offering customized solutions that deliver tangible results. Local offices are staffed with industry experts who have a deep understanding of the regional markets and can provide timely and effective support. WTS Energy Careers
Safety and sustainability are central to WTS Energy’s operations. The company is committed to maintaining the highest standards of health, safety, and environmental (HSE) performance. This commitment is reflected in its rigorous safety protocols, continuous training programs, and proactive risk management strategies. WTS Energy Careers
Hotel Engineer Monaco
First Engineer Monaco
Second Engineer Monaco
Third Engineer (on cruise line) Monaco

WTS Energy also places a strong emphasis on sustainability, recognizing the critical importance of environmental stewardship in the energy sector. The company works with clients to implement sustainable practices and technologies that minimize environmental impact and promote resource efficiency. This includes supporting the development of renewable energy projects, enhancing energy efficiency in existing operations, and promoting the use of cleaner technologies. WTS Energy Careers

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Embracing technological innovation is a key priority for WTS Energy. The company leverages advanced technologies to enhance its service offerings and improve operational efficiency. This includes the use of digital tools for project management, data analytics for informed decision-making, and remote monitoring systems for real-time performance tracking. WTS Energy Careers

Lead Contracts Administrator Kuwait
Lead Project Control Engineer – PMC Kuwait
Projects Manager Kuwait

WTS Energy also supports clients in adopting cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the Internet of Things (IoT). These technologies have the potential to revolutionize the energy sector by improving predictive maintenance, optimizing asset performance, and enhancing safety. WTS Energy Careers

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WTS Energy is a prominent global provider of staffing solutions, engineering services, and project management support to the energy industry. Founded in 2000, WTS Energy has rapidly expanded its footprint to become a key player in the energy sector, servicing both the oil and gas industries as well as the emerging renewable energy markets. Headquartered in the Netherlands, WTS Energy operates in over 50 countries, providing expertise and personnel to some of the most challenging and technically demanding projects around the world.

Topograf/Survey Engineer Romania
Senior Accountant Romania
Safety Inspector/Occupational H&S Romania

WTS Energy was established with the mission to offer specialized staffing solutions to the oil and gas sector. Recognizing the cyclical nature and the dynamic workforce needs of the energy industry, WTS Energy aimed to provide flexible, scalable, and reliable staffing services. The early 2000s saw significant growth in the global energy sector, driven by increasing demand for oil and gas. This presented a lucrative opportunity for WTS Energy to build a reputation based on quality service and deep industry knowledge. WTS Energy Careers

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As the energy landscape evolved, so did WTS Energy. The company expanded its service offerings to include engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) management, project management consulting, and technical training. By diversifying its services, WTS Energy was able to cater to a broader range of client needs, positioning itself as a comprehensive service provider in the energy sector. WTS Energy Careers

Project Manager with nuclear and/or Diesel project experience Switzerland
Chief Maintenance Technician (electricity) Switzerland
Site Coordinator Switzerland

Looking ahead, WTS Energy is well-positioned to navigate the evolving energy landscape. The global push towards renewable energy and sustainability presents significant opportunities for the company to expand its services and enter new markets. By continuing to innovate and adapt to changing industry trends, WTS Energy aims to remain at the forefront of the energy sector, providing value-added solutions that meet the needs of its clients. WTS Energy Careers

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In conclusion, WTS Energy’s journey from a specialized staffing provider to a comprehensive service company in the energy sector is a testament to its adaptability, expertise, and commitment to excellence. With a strong focus on safety, sustainability, and technological innovation, WTS Energy is poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of the global energy industry. WTS Energy Careers

How to Apply for WTS Energy Oil and Gas Vacancy?

Once you have found a job vacancy that suits your career plan, it’s time to apply. Make sure your CV/resume is updated, professional, positioned to sell your skills, strengths and achievements, and makes you stand out from the other candidates. Follow the steps described below the apply for WTS Energy Careers

  • Click on the “Apply Now link provided after each Oil & Gas job title listed above [You will be redirected to the official portal]
  • Read all the job details, education and experience, required skills, duties and responsibilities carefully
  • Click on the Apply button
  • Upload your resume/CV directly from your computer or Dropbox or Sky drive
  • Fill up your personal details such as Name, Email, Mobile No., Current Employer, Current Title, Country etc.
  • Click on Submit button send your Job Application Online.

Other benefits include flexible work arrangements approved by the supervisor, adoption assistance and family care expenditure accounts. WTS Energy also offers other compensation and competitive advantages. We are proud of establishing professional relationships with our clients and consultants based on trust, high ethical standards and consistent service quality. This is our belief, because in the end everything is related to people.


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