QAFCO Qatar Jobs

QAFCO Qatar Jobs: Qatar Fertiliser Company

QAFCO Qatar Jobs: QAFCO was founded in 1969 as a joint venture between the Government of Qatar and a number of foreign shareholders. The country’s first large-scale venture in the petrochemical sector, QAFCO was established with a view to diversify the economy and utilize the nation’s enormous gas reserve. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

After successfully implementing several expansion projects over the past three decades, the Company has evolved into a world-class fertiliser producer. QAFCO is now owned 75% by Industries Qatar (IQ) and 25% by Yara Netherland. With a sizable annual production capacity of 3.8 million MT of ammonia and 5.6 million MT of urea from, QAFCO is now the world’s largest single-site producer of ammonia & urea and thereby made Qatar the world’s fourth-largest urea producer. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

Looking ahead, QAFCO aims to continue its growth trajectory by expanding its production capacity, exploring new markets, and investing in sustainable technologies. The company’s strategic vision aligns with Qatar’s National Vision 2030, which emphasizes economic diversification, environmental sustainability, and social development. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

QAFCO Qatar Jobs: Qatar Fertiliser Company

QAFCO Qatar Jobs. This enabled Qatar to be a key player in the global fertilizer market and the largest exporter of urea in the world with about 15% share of the world urea supply. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

  • Company Name: QAFCO (Qatar Fertiliser Company)
  • Job Location: Qatar
  • Nationality: All Nationalities can Apply
  • Education: Diploma/Degree
  • Experience: Experienced are preferred
  • Salary Range:  To be discussed

Available QAFCO Qatar Job Vacancies

QAFCO Qatar Jobs. QAFCO is now owned 75% by Industries Qatar (IQ) and 25% by Yara Netherland. With a sizable annual production capacity of 3.8 million MT of ammonia and 5.6 million MT of urea from, QAFCO is now the world’s largest single-site producer of ammonia & urea and thereby made Qatar the world’s fourth-largest urea producer. Please apply QAFCO Careers from the below list. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

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Over the years, QAFCO has formed strategic partnerships and alliances with leading international companies in the chemical and fertilizer industries. These collaborations have enabled QAFCO to leverage advanced technologies, access new markets, and enhance its competitive position globally. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

Quality Engineering Specialist Doha, Qatar
Mechanical Engineering Specialist Ras Laffan, Qatar
Pipeline Engineer Doha, Qatar
Senior Pipeline Integrity Engineer Doha, Qatar

QAFCO Qatar Jobs. QAFCO, short for Qatar Fertiliser Company, is a leading patron of urea and ammonia diseases in the Middle East. The company was established in 1969, with a vision to come a colonist in the toxin assiduity, and has ago been committed to sustainable and responsible product. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

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QAFCO is committed to contributing positively to the communities in which it operates. The company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives focus on education, health, and environmental conservation. QAFCO supports various educational programs, provides healthcare services, and engages in activities aimed at protecting Qatar’s natural heritage. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

Senior Reliability Engineer Ras Laffan, Qatar
Senior RCM Engineer Ras Laffan, Qatar
Shutdown Coordinator Doha, Qatar
Operator Doha, Qatar

QAFCO Qatar Jobs. QAFCO is located in Mesaieed Industrial City in Qatar, and its operations cover the entire toxin value chain from product to distribution. The company’s product capacity is over3.8 million tons per annum, and it has guests in further than 70 countries worldwide. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

QAFCO invests significantly in research and development (R&D) to drive innovation and improve its production processes. The company’s R&D efforts focus on enhancing product quality, developing new applications for its products, and finding sustainable solutions for the fertilizer industry. Collaborations with academic institutions and research organizations enable QAFCO to stay at the forefront of technological advancements. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

Maintenance Technician Qatar
Head of Quality Assurance & Improvement Qatar
Senior Analyst (EA) Qatar
Lead of IT Enterprise Architecture Qatar

As a responsible corporate citizen, QAFCO is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact. The company has implemented several initiatives to enhance energy efficiency, reduce emissions, and manage waste effectively. QAFCO’s environmental management system is certified to ISO 14001 standards, and the company continually seeks to adopt best practices in environmental sustainability. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

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QAFCO Qatar Jobs. One of the crucial factors behind QAFCO’s success is its focus on invention and technology. The company has made significant investments in exploration and development to enhance its product processes and insure the quality of its products. QAFCO also uses state- of- the- art technologies to optimize its energy consumption and reduce its environmental footmark. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

Fresh Qatari Graduate Opportunities – Chemical Engineering Qatar
Maintenance Excellence Analyst Qatar
Mechanical Engineer Qatar
Excellence Specialist Qatar

QAFCO places a strong emphasis on maintaining high standards of quality and safety in all its operations. The company is ISO certified and adheres to rigorous quality control measures throughout the production process. QAFCO’s commitment to safety is reflected in its comprehensive safety management systems and continuous training programs for employees. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

QAFCO Qatar Jobs. In addition to its commitment to sustainable product, QAFCO is also devoted to commercial social responsibility. The company has enforced colorful enterprise to support the original community, including furnishing education and training openings for youthful people, supporting healthcare programs, and promoting environmental mindfulness. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

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QAFCO was founded as a joint venture between the Government of Qatar and a group of international investors. The company commenced production in 1973 with two ammonia and two urea production lines. Since its inception, QAFCO has undergone several expansion phases to increase its production capacity and meet growing global demand for fertilizers. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

Operations Excellence Specialist Qatar
For Qatari High School Graduates only – Technical Preparation Program Qatar
HR Generalist Qatar
Fresh Qatari Graduate Opportunities – Petroleum Engineering Qatar

QAFCO Qatar Jobs. QAFCO has entered multitudinous awards and recognitions for its achievements in the toxin assiduity, including the prestigious Gulf Cooperation Council( GCC) Award for the stylish artificial company in the Middle East. The company has also been honored for its commitment to sustainability, entering awards similar as the Qatar Sustainability Award and the Green World Award. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

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QAFCO operates a world-class production facility in Mesaieed, which includes six ammonia and six urea plants. These facilities have a combined annual production capacity of over 3.8 million metric tons of ammonia and 5.6 million metric tons of urea. The company’s state-of-the-art infrastructure ensures high efficiency and adherence to international standards of quality and safety. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

Trailer Driver Qatar
Electrician Automotive- HINO Qatar
Clerk – Customs Clearance Qatar
Rigger Qatar

Overall, QAFCO is a leading player in the toxin assiduity, known for its commitment to sustainable product, innovative technologies, and commercial social responsibility. The company’s success is a testament to its strong leadership, devoted workers, and long- term vision to be a responsible and innovative patron of diseases. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

Qatar Jobs

  1. Project Manager – QR 12,000 to QR 20,000
  2. Civil Engineer – QR 8,000 to QR 15,000
  3. Electrical Engineer – QR 8,000 to QR 15,000
  4. Mechanical Engineer – QR 8,000 to QR 15,000
  5. Administrative Assistant – QR 4,000 to QR 8,000
  6. Accountant – QR 6,000 to QR 12,000
  7. Procurement Specialist – QR 8,000 to QR 15,000
  8. Safety Manager – QR 10,000 to QR 18,000
  9. Human Resources Professional – QR 8,000 to QR 15,000
  10. IT Expert – QR 8,000 to QR 15,000
  11. Technician – QR 4,000 to QR 8,000
  12. Driver – QR 3,000 to QR 6,000
  13. Customer Service Representative – QR 3,000 to QR 6,000

Qatar Fertiliser Company (QAFCO), established in 1969, is a major player in the global chemical and fertilizer industry. Located in Mesaieed Industrial City, Qatar, QAFCO is one of the largest single-site producers of ammonia and urea in the world. Over the decades, the company has evolved from a modest enterprise into a significant contributor to Qatar’s economy and a leader in the global fertilizer market. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

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Products and Markets

QAFCO’s primary products are ammonia and urea, which are essential components in the agricultural sector for enhancing crop yield and soil fertility. The company also produces melamine, a versatile chemical used in the manufacture of laminates, adhesives, and plastics. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

  1. Ammonia: Ammonia is a crucial raw material for producing various fertilizers, including urea. QAFCO’s ammonia is produced through the Haber-Bosch process, which involves the synthesis of nitrogen and hydrogen gases under high pressure and temperature.
  2. Urea: Urea is one of the most widely used nitrogen fertilizers in the world. QAFCO’s urea production involves the synthesis of ammonia and carbon dioxide, resulting in a highly concentrated nitrogen fertilizer that is easy to handle and apply.
  3. Melamine: QAFCO’s melamine plant, operational since 2010, produces high-quality melamine that is used in a range of industrial applications. The plant has an annual production capacity of 60,000 metric tons.

QAFCO exports its products to over 45 countries worldwide, with major markets in Asia, Africa, and the Americas. The company’s strategic location in Qatar, with access to major shipping routes, enables it to efficiently serve its global customer base. QAFCO Qatar Jobs

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Qatar Fertiliser Company (QAFCO) stands as a testament to Qatar’s industrial capabilities and its commitment to excellence in the global fertilizer market. With a strong foundation, state-of-the-art facilities, and a dedicated workforce, QAFCO is well-positioned to meet the growing demand for fertilizers and contribute to global food security. As the company continues to innovate and expand, it remains dedicated to upholding its values of quality, safety, and sustainability, ensuring a prosperous future for the company and the communities it serves.


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