Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs: India, USA, Singapore

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering, a wholly owned subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T), serves the Oil and Gas sector around the world. Organised under Offshore, Onshore, Construction Services, Modular Fabrication and Engineering Services verticals, the company delivers ‘design to build’ engineering and construction solutions across the hydrocarbon spectrum. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

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L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering’s Onshore business offers turnkey projects on engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) basis to the onshore Oil & Gas processing, petroleum refining, petrochemical, fertilizer, LNG and cross country pipeline & terminal Segments.L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs: India

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering (LTHE) is an engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and project management company providing integrated ‘design to build’ solutions to large and complex Offshore and Onshore hydrocarbon projects worldwide. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Job Vacancy

    • Company Name: L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering
    • Job Location: U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, India, Kuwait, Oman
    • Nationality: All Nationalities can Apply
    • Education: Diploma/Degree
    • Experience: Experienced are preferred
    • Salary Range: To be discussed

LTHE’s business is organized under 5 Business Verticals: Offshore, Onshore, Construction Services, Modular Fabrication and AdVENT which serves its client base in multiple geographies – India, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa, the Americas and Europe with a track record of more than 600 projects. Owing to the basic nature and diversity of turnkey projects, it becomes imperative for our employees to consciously strive for innovative ways and creative thinking in order to sustain L&T’s undisputed benchmark of ‘Execution par Excellence’.

Latest Oil & Gas Jobs at L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs. The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T), a USD 21 Billion Technology, Engineering, Construction, Projects, Manufacturing and Financial Services conglomerate. Founded in the year 1938, L&T caters to the critical needs in key sectors including hydrocarbon, infrastructure, construction, defence, IT and power. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

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L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs: As a wholly owned subsidiary, LTHE continues to draw on the parent company’s organizational strengths and experience. The Company has over three decades of experience and expertise in the hydrocarbon segment and conforms to global standards and norms across all aspects of project management, HSE and corporate governance. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

QA/QC Engineer Saudi Arabia
Medical writer India
Software Integration Testing India

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering (LTHE) is an engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction and project management company providing integrated ‘design to build’ solutions to large and complex Offshore and Onshore hydrocarbon projects worldwide. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

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L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering( LTHE) is a attachment of Larsen & Toubro( L&T), one of India’s largest engineering and construction empires. LTHE is a leading player in the hydrocarbon sector, specializing in the engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning of systems in the oil painting, gas, and petrochemical diligence. With its moxie and track record of delivering complex systems, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering has earned a strong character both in India and encyclopedically. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

Civil Engineer India
Project Manager India
Engineer India
Corporate FP&A & MIS India

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering operates across the entire hydrocarbon value chain, furnishing end- to- end results to its guests. The company offers a wide range of services, including frontal- end engineering design( FEED), detailed engineering, procurement, construction, and design operation. It undertakes systems in different sectors similar as refinery, petrochemicals, diseases, coastal platforms, and channels. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

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One of the crucial strengths of L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering is its engineering capabilities. The company boasts a largely professed platoon of masterminds and technicians who are complete at designing and executing complex systems. Their moxie spans colorful disciplines, including process engineering, civil and structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and instrumentation engineering, and design operation. LTHE’s engineering brigades work nearly with guests to understand their conditions and develop innovative and cost-effective results that meet assiduity norms and nonsupervisory conditions. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

C/C++ Developer India
Discrete Event Simulation India
CAMOS Modeller India
Electrical Engineer India

Safety is a core value at L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering, and the company is committed to icing a safe work terrain for its workers, subcontractors, and stakeholders. LTHE follows strict safety protocols and tools stylish practices to minimize pitfalls and help accidents. The company invests in training programs and safety mindfulness juggernauts to promote a strong safety culture across all its systems and operations. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

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L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering places a strong emphasis on sustainability and is committed to executing systems in an environmentally responsible manner. The company strives to minimize the environmental impact of its operations by espousing green engineering practices, optimizing resource application, and enforcing measures to reduce emigrations and waste. LTHE laboriously seeks openings to incorporate sustainable technologies and results into its systems, aligning with global sweats to address climate change and promote a greener future. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

Electrical Designer India
Android Telephony Framework Developer India
Entry Level Embedded Software Engineer- Fresher USA
Project Manager USA

As an employer, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering offers a range of benefits and openings for its workers. The company promotes a culture of literacy and growth, furnishing training and development programs to enhance workers’ chops and knowledge. LTHE fosters a cooperative and inclusive work terrain that encourages cooperation, creativity, and invention. The company recognizes and rewards workers’ benefactions and achievements, offering competitive compensation packages and performance- grounded impulses. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

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L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering also promotes hand well- being and work- life balance. The company provides health insurance content and other hand backing programs to support the physical and internal well- being of its pool. also, LTHE offers flexible work arrangements, where doable, to help workers manage their particular and professional liabilities. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

Engineer Roles USA
Procurement Engineer USA
Project Lead USA
Project Management and Technical Support USA

The company values diversity and addition and seeks to produce a plant that celebrates and respects individual differences. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering encourages equal openings and strives to make a different pool that reflects the communities in which it operates. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

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In conclusion, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering is a famed player in the hydrocarbon sector, delivering high- quality engineering and construction results to guests worldwide. With its strong engineering capabilities, commitment to safety and sustainability, and concentrate on hand development and well- being, L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering continues to contribute to the growth and success of the global hydrocarbon assiduity. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

Mechanical Engineer – MEP Singapore
Piping Design Engineer Singapore
Senior Electro Mechanical Engineer Singapore
Job benefits L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering
  • Competitive Compensation: L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering typically offers competitive salaries and benefits packages to ensure that employees are appropriately rewarded for their skills and contributions. Compensation may be determined based on factors such as job responsibilities, experience, and industry standards. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs
  • Health and Wellness Benefits: L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering values the well-being of its employees and may provide comprehensive health and wellness benefits. These benefits may include medical, dental, and vision insurance plans to support employees and their families. The company may also offer wellness programs and resources to promote physical and mental well-being. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs
  • Retirement Savings Plans: L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering commonly provides retirement savings plans, such as pension plans or 401(k) plans, to help employees plan for their future financial security. These plans may include employer matching contributions or other incentives to encourage employees to save for retirement.

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  • Paid Time Off: L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering typically offers paid time off (PTO) benefits to employees. This includes vacation days, holidays, and personal leave, allowing employees to take time off for rest, relaxation, personal commitments, or family-related events.
  • Training and Development: L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering emphasizes the professional growth and development of its employees. The company may provide training programs, workshops, and educational opportunities to enhance employees’ skills and knowledge. This focus on training and development supports career advancement within the organization. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs
  • Employee Assistance Programs: L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering often offers employee assistance programs (EAPs) to support employees in various aspects of their lives. These programs may include counseling services, financial guidance, legal support, and other resources to help employees manage personal and professional challenges. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

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  • Employee Recognition and Rewards: L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering may have programs in place to recognize and reward employees for their contributions and achievements. This may include performance-based bonuses, employee recognition events, or other incentives to celebrate individual and team accomplishments.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements: L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering recognizes the importance of work-life balance and may offer flexible work arrangements. Depending on the role and business requirements, employees may have options for flexible schedules, remote work, or other alternative work arrangements that accommodate their individual needs. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs
  • Employee Discounts and Perks: L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering may offer employee discounts on its products or services. Additionally, employees may have access to other perks and benefits, such as discounts on gym memberships, travel, or entertainment. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

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How to Apply for L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Job Vacancy?

L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs: Make sure your CV/resume is updated, professional, positioned to sell your skills, strengths and achievements, and makes you stand out from the other candidates. L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Careers. Follow the steps described below the apply for L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Jobs

  • Click on the “Apply Now” link provided after each L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering jobtitle listed above [You will be redirected to the official L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Vacancy portal]
  • Read all the job details, education and experience, required skills, duties and responsibilities carefully
  • Click on the Apply button
  • Upload your resume/CV directly from your computer or Dropbox or Skydrive
  • Fill up your personal details such as Name, Email, Mobile No., Current Employer, Current Title, Country etc.
  • Click on Submit button send your L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering Job Application Online.

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