Latest dnata Travel Jobs

Latest dnata Travel Jobs UAE, USA, Germany, China, Portugal, UK

Latest dnata Travel Jobs. Welcome to the Emirates Danata Group employment opportunities worldwide.We welcome everyone. Our employee resource groups are one of the many ways we champion diversity and inclusion at dnata. The company is mostly hiring those who look self-motivated, passionate and enthusiastic about their responsibilities. Latest dnata Travel Jobs

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Latest dnata Travel Jobs. Dnata believes that it is the contributions of its employees that the company is spread over the 35 nations in every business or sector. If you are a fresher and recent graduate, then you be able to grab this career opportunities to enhance your professional skills. Latest dnata Travel Jobs

dnata Jobs

DNATA provides services including ground handling services, in-flight catering services, cargo services, travel services, and flight services across 36 countries in five continents. The first international expansion was executed in 1993. Dnata is started recognizing globally in 2008. In 1959, the government of Dubai founded the industry and it was developed as a part of Emirates Group. dnata is one of the world’s largest air services providers. Established in 1959, the company ensures the aviation industry operates smoothly and efficiently in 127 airports. Latest dnata Travel Jobs

  • Company Name: Dnata
  • Job Location: Worldwide Job Openings
  • Nationality: All Nationalities can Apply
  • Education: Diploma/Degree
  • Experience: Experienced are preferred
  • Salary Range: To be discussed

Latest dnata Travel Jobs Dubai, Philippines, Iraq, USA

DNATA is the acronym of “Dubai National Air Transport Association” and it is one of the leading air service provider industry of UAE. The headquarter of this company is situated in  Al Garhoud, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Latest dnata Travel Jobs

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Latest dnata Travel Jobs. hey provide ground-handling services in more than 76 national/international airports, cargo services in 46 destinations and catering services in 62 airports worldwide.The company handles over 320,000 meals for passengers, 1850 tons of cargo per day and books 1900 flights and 16000 hotels for their business clients and customers. Latest dnata Travel Jobs

Synthetic Flight Examiner (Ground) Airbus  UAE
Synthetic Flight Instructor (Ground)- Boeing UAE
Customer Service Supervisor – DWC – 240000P8 UAE
Team Leader – DWC – 240000P9 UAE

Latest dnata Travel Jobs. Offering ground handling, cargo, travel, and flight catering services in 35 countries across six continents, dnata is a trusted partner for over 300 airline customers around the world. We believe that diversity and inclusion are fundamental to creating a strong workplace and community. At dnata, we’re proud that our workforce is as diverse as the customers we serve. And we’re committed to nurturing your talent with mentoring, volunteer and professional development opportunities. Latest dnata Travel Jobs

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Dnata, short for Dubai National Air Travel Agency, is a globally renowned air services provider and one of the largest aviation and travel services companies in the world. Established in 1959, Dnata has its roots in the vibrant city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and has since expanded its operations to become a dominant player in the aviation industry, with a presence in over 35 countries across six continents. Latest dnata Travel Jobs

Airport Services Officer – Cebu, Philippines – 240000QK Cambodia
Airport Services Agent – Hong Kong – 150000N0 China
Airport Service Agent – Beijing – 150002J4 China

Dnata’s diverse portfolio of services encompasses ground handling, cargo, travel, and flight catering, catering to the needs of airlines, airports, travel agencies, and passengers worldwide. With a workforce exceeding 41,000 employees, the company prides itself on its commitment to delivering the highest standards of service, safety, and efficiency in every aspect of its operations. Latest dnata Travel Jobs

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Ground handling services form the cornerstone of Dnata’s business, encompassing a wide range of activities to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of airports and airlines. These services include aircraft ramp handling, passenger services, baggage handling, cargo handling, aircraft cleaning, and catering logistics. Dnata’s ground handling teams are trained to deliver exceptional service while adhering to strict safety and security protocols, helping airlines and airports optimize their operations and enhance the passenger experience. Latest dnata Travel Jobs

Senior Airport Services Agent – Geneva – 240000QI Switzerland
Supervisor Airport Services – 240000QD Zimbabwe

In the cargo sector, Dnata is a leading provider of air cargo handling services, offering a comprehensive suite of services to airlines, freight forwarders, and shippers. These services include cargo warehousing, freight handling, customs clearance, perishable cargo handling, and temperature-controlled storage solutions. With state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technology systems, Dnata ensures the efficient and secure movement of goods across its global network of cargo terminals. Latest dnata Travel Jobs

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Dnata’s travel division operates a wide range of travel services, including travel agency services, tour operations, destination management, and visa processing. Leveraging its extensive network and industry expertise, Dnata offers personalized travel solutions to corporate clients, leisure travelers, and individuals seeking bespoke travel experiences. Whether booking flights, hotels, car rentals, or holiday packages, customers can rely on Dnata for seamless and hassle-free travel arrangements. Latest dnata Travel Jobs

Airport Services Agent – Sydney – 240000QM Australia
Airport Services Officer – Heathrow – 240000QC United Kingdom

Furthermore, Dnata is a major player in the flight catering industry, providing inflight catering and catering logistics services to airlines and airport lounges around the world. With state-of-the-art catering facilities equipped with the latest technology and culinary expertise, Dnata delivers high-quality meals and beverages that meet the diverse tastes and dietary preferences of passengers. The company’s commitment to food safety, quality, and innovation has earned it a reputation as a trusted partner for airlines seeking to enhance their inflight dining experience. Latest dnata Travel Jobs

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In addition to its core aviation services, Dnata is actively involved in various ancillary businesses, including airport lounge operations, airport retail, ground transportation, and travel technology solutions. Through strategic partnerships and acquisitions, Dnata continues to expand its presence and diversify its service offerings to meet the evolving needs of the global travel industry. Latest dnata Travel Jobs

CARGO SUPERVISOR – MIA – 240000NL United States
CARGO MANAGER – SEA – 2300024M United States
Flying Instructor – Emirates Flight Training Academy – 220001VZ United States

Dnata’s success is built on a foundation of operational excellence, customer focus, and a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. The company’s strong leadership, skilled workforce, and unwavering dedication to excellence have earned it numerous accolades and industry awards, cementing its reputation as a leader in the aviation and travel services sector. Latest dnata Travel Jobs

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As the aviation industry continues to evolve in response to changing market dynamics and technological advancements, Dnata remains poised to capitalize on new opportunities and drive growth through its relentless pursuit of excellence and its unwavering commitment to delivering value to its customers and stakeholders alike. Latest dnata Travel Jobs

Benefits provided by Dnata:

  1. Healthcare Benefits: Dnata typically offers medical, dental, and vision insurance plans to employees and their eligible dependents. These plans often include coverage for preventive care, medical treatments, and prescription medications, helping employees manage their health care expenses.
  2. Retirement Plans: Dnata may offer retirement savings plans, such as 401(k) plans or pension schemes, to help employees save for their future financial security. These plans may include employer matching contributions or other incentives to encourage participation.
  3. Paid Time Off: Dnata typically provides paid time off, including vacation days, holidays, and sick leave, to allow employees to take time off work for rest, relaxation, and personal or family obligations.
  4. Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Dnata may offer an EAP that provides confidential counseling, support, and resources to help employees address personal and work-related challenges, including mental health issues, financial concerns, and family issues.
  5. Travel Discounts: Given Dnata’s presence in the travel industry, employees may receive discounts on flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel-related services, allowing them to enjoy discounted travel benefits for themselves and their families. Latest dnata Travel Jobs

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  1. Training and Development: Dnata typically invests in employee training and development programs to help employees enhance their skills, advance their careers, and achieve their professional goals. These programs may include classroom training, online courses, workshops, and seminars.
  2. Employee Recognition Programs: Dnata may have employee recognition programs in place to acknowledge and reward outstanding performance, dedication, and contributions to the company. These programs may include awards, bonuses, and other forms of recognition.
  3. Flexible Work Arrangements: Dnata may offer flexible work arrangements, such as remote work options, flexible hours, and compressed workweeks, to accommodate employees’ personal needs and preferences while maintaining productivity and business continuity.
  4. Wellness Programs: Dnata may offer wellness programs and initiatives to promote employee health and well-being. These programs may include fitness reimbursement, wellness challenges, smoking cessation support, and health education resources.
  5. Career Development Opportunities: Dnata typically provides opportunities for career development and advancement through training, mentoring, coaching, and promotional opportunities. Employees may have access to career planning resources, professional development courses, and networking opportunities to help them grow and succeed in their careers.

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These benefits demonstrate Dnata’s commitment to supporting its employees’ overall well-being, professional growth, and work-life balance, while also fostering a positive company culture and promoting employee engagement and satisfaction. Latest dnata Travel Jobs

How to Apply for Dnata Jobs Openings?

Latest dnata Travel Jobs. Once you have found a job vacancy that suits your career plan, it’s time to apply. Make sure your CV/resume is updated, professional, positioned to sell your skills, strengths and achievements, and makes you stand out from the other candidates. Follow the steps described below the apply for Latest dnata Travel Jobs

  • Click on the Apply Now link provided after each Dnata job title listed above [You will be redirected to the official Dnata careers portal]
  • Read all the job details, education and experience, required skills, duties and responsibilities carefully
  • Click on the Apply” button
  • Upload your resume/CV directly from your computer or Dropbox or Sky drive
  • Fill up your personal details such as Name, Email, Mobile No., Current Employer, Current Title, Country etc.
  • Click on Submit button send your Dnata Job Application Online.

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