Jobs in Austria

Jobs in Austria with visa Sponsorship 2024 (Apply Now)

Jobs in Austria. Austria is a popular destination for transnational workers, with a strong frugality and a high standard of living. The Austrian government has colorful visa programs that allow foreign workers to come and work in Austria. These visa programs generally bear a job offer from an Austrian employer and backing from the employer. Jobs in Austria

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To gain an Austrian work visa, a foreign worker must first find a job with an Austrian employer who’s willing to finance their visa. The employer must be suitable to demonstrate that there are no good Austrian or EU citizens who can fill the position. Once the job offer is secured, the employer will give the foreign worker with a letter of backing. Jobs in Austria


For good job campaigners with applicable experience and chops, Austria offers a variety of employment openings. You have a good chance of chancing employment in Austria if you’re a foreign citizen seeking a job, particularly if you speak German well.
still, you do have other options in Austrian transnational pots where English is used as a business language, If you aren’t fluent in German. Jobs in Austria


The following is a directory of Austrian jobs with sponsored visas:

The Austrian work visa is generally valid for one time and can be renewed if the foreign worker continues to meet the visa conditions. Some visa programs may bear a certain position of German language proficiency, so foreign workers may need to take language classes before they arrive in Austria. Jobs in Austria

In addition to work visas, Austria also has visa programs for scholars, experimenters, and entrepreneurs. These programs generally bear backing from an Austrian educational institution, exploration center, or business. Jobs in Austria

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List of Unskilled jobs in Austria for Foreigners

There are a variety of unskilled jobs in Austria that may be available to foreign workers. Below are some examples. Jobs in Austria

  • Manufacturing and assembly line work: Jobs in factories, such as assembly line work, packaging, and machine operation.
  • Construction and Manual Labor: Construction work, such as brickwork, concrete work, and general labor.
  • Agricultural work: jobs in farming, such as picking fruits and vegetables, and caring for livestock.
  • Hospitality and Tourism: Jobs in hotels, restaurants, and other tourism-related businesses, such as cleaning, kitchen work, and front desk work.
  • Retail and Customer Service: Jobs in retail stores, such as cashiering, stocking shelves, and customer service.
  • Cleaning and janitorial work: Jobs in cleaning and janitorial services, such as janitorial work and commercial cleaning.
  • Transport and Logistics: Jobs in transport and logistics, such as delivery drivers and warehouse workers.
  • Nursing and elder care: Jobs in nursing and elder care, such as nursing assistants and caregivers.

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Job Vacuities in Austria

For the time 2023, there are numerous deficit professions in Austria. Commonly, due to the global epidemic, numerous of these include croakers , nursers, and healthcare sidekicks. still, professions like roofers, opticians, masterminds, technicians, payroll clerks, bricklayers, and concrete workers are also on the list. Jobs in Austria

Job hires in Austria

Generally, the average payment in Austria is€ 3,790 a month which includes lagniappes and social security. This is analogous to utmost of Western Europe and much advanced than in Eastern Europe. Unexpectedly, there was no minimal pay envelope in Austria until 2017. still, now, under the recent reforms, the minimal pay envelope sits at€ 1,500 a month. Jobs in Austria

Naturally, different sectors have drastically different average stipend in Austria. For case, average stipend as a intelligencer are€ 3,101 while a counsel stands to make nearly in the region of€ 4,354 per month. To find out further, the comparison point Teleport provides intriguing average payment approximations for colorful jobs in Vienna. The professions listed range from dentists to cookers to interior contrivers, and are in USD.
Work culture in Austria

Average salary of €30,786-37,841 per year
Average salary of €26,447-28,780 annually
Average salary of €40,057-45,839 per year
Average salary of €61,861-70,959 per year
Average salary of €18,546-19,918 per year
Average salary of €30,000-36,000 per year
Average salary of €30,000-36,000 per year
Average salary of €30,000-40,000 annually
Average salary of €29,553-36,265 per year
Average salary of €54,764-63,862 per year
Average salary of €26,447-28,780 annually

As a traditional nation, you’ll find that the business culture in Austria is fairly formal. likewise, there’s generally a clear scale. This means that top- league workers make the opinions in utmost companies, and places are easily defined. Jobs in Austria
Also, the sense of community is strong in Austria and, thus, the weal system is veritably probative. fidelity is a dominant point of the original business culture and businesses generally support those who are made spare with packages. specially, promptitude is consummate in Austria in both the business culture and life outside of work.
Labor laws and labor rights in Austria

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The labor laws in Austria are an elaborate admixture of collaborative logrolling agreements, shop- bottom agreements, and employment contracts. specially, a written employment contract or statement of employment terms between employer and hand isn’t necessary to secure a job in Austria. An oral agreement between the two parties is all you need. In Austria, collaborative agreements are fairly binding contracts that represent both employer and hand. These produce a balance of interests on both sides by establishing minimum working conditions. Read further about EU workers ’ rights in our companion. Jobs in Austria

Requirements for working in Austria

Similar to other EU states, Austria offers broad protection and rights for its employees. Those who are from the EU will find that they are able to readily find work, particularly if they speak German. Jobs in Austria

Work visas in Austria

If you are from outside of the EU and EEC, you will need to obtain a work permit to work in Austria. Luckily, an Austrian employer may recruit a foreign national but they must apply for approval and an employment permit from the regional employment office. Additionally, foreign employees who are posted by their employer to work temporarily in Austria are covered by Austrian employment law. Jobs in Austria

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Language requirements to work in Austria

Because the official language in Austria is German, and the vast majority of the population speaks German, you are best off learning the language. Luckily, there are plenty of language learning apps and courses that you can use to do this. And because many other nations in the EU also speak German, it will certainly come in handy if you plan to travel the region. Jobs in Austria

There are still possibilities out there for English-speaking jobs, however, and you can check our Expatica jobs board as well as the English job section of The Local. Another option is to keep an eye on Xpat Jobs for various vacancies for English speakers across several different sectors and industries. Jobs in Austria

Qualifications to work in Austria

As with most things, if you are from an EU or EEC country, your university degree and other qualifications should be recognized in Austria and you don’t need to do anything. However, if you are from another country, you will need a nostrification in Austria. In order to get this, you will need to apply to the relevant public university. You should know within three months whether you need to do any supplementary examinations. Jobs in Austria

Overall, carrying an Austrian work visa through government backing can be a great occasion for foreign workers looking to live and work in Austria. still, it can also be a complex and competitive process, so it’s important for foreign workers to do their exploration and work with a estimable employer and immigration counsel to insure they’ve the stylish chance of success. Jobs in Austria

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In Austria, regulated professions include architects, doctors, nurses, teachers, physiotherapists, and some specific trades. Along with your recognized university degree, you will need to have German language skills to work in these fields. Jobs in Austria

For all non-regulated professions, however, you can start your job search immediately as long as you hold a validation from the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (ENIC-NARIC Austria). Jobs in Austria

If you are working for yourself in Austria, you must register for social security (Sozialversicherung der Selbständigen). You should also register your business with the tax office and get a tax identification number (TIN). You can do both of these at the local district office. Conversely, if you are working for an employer, they will register you on your behalf. Jobs in Austria

Other requirements in work in Austria

Several jobs in Austria require a criminal record check. This includes security, childcare, and police work. This check can be easily obtained from your local police department in Austria or from abroad through this form. Jobs in Austria

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How to find jobs in Austria

Initially, you can begin your job search by researching the sector and types of roles that you are interested in. Then, you will want to explore the following:

National AMS Jobseekers Austria

The AMS eJob-Room is the largest job marketplace in Austria. You can download the free app on your smartphone and have access to job vacancies as well as a personal mailbox for your applications, which includes apprenticeships. Jobs in Austria

EURES (Europe Employment Services)

EURES is a European cooperation network of employment services, designed to facilitate the free movement of EU, EEA, and Swiss workers. It is an excellent resource for job hunting throughout the EU and a good place to begin your search for jobs in Austria. Jobs in Austria

Job search sites

  • Career Jet – the international search engine with a filter for Austria
  • Expatica jobs board – advertises a plethora of interesting positions in Austria at various levels
  • Indeed – another international site with an Austrian version
  • Jobs in Vienna – if you are living in Vienna, this is a great site for finding work, even if you are not German-speaking
  • Karriere – a large career portal in Austria

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Media and social media

  • Der Standard – the job search site for the newspaper Der Standard
  • LinkedIn – many expats find this professional networking site useful for finding work. Job postings and suggestions are also frequently listed.

Teaching English

If you are a teacher or are having difficulty finding an English-speaking position in Austria, teaching English is always an option. Although it is not a huge market like in some other countries, you can still look into it before deciding whether or not to take a TEFL course to get certification. Jobs in Austria

Here are some English teaching job sites that might be helpful:

  • TEFL Jobs Centre – the leading site for English teaching jobs around the world which is updated every week
  • Go Overseas – a resource that features several English teaching programs and jobs throughout Austria
  • Total ESL – a popular site for teaching jobs abroad
  • TESall – a large international teaching jobs resource

Another way to find jobs in Austria is to get in touch with recruitment agencies that operate in the country. Below are some options that you might want to explore. Jobs in Austria

Recruitment and temp agencies

  • Manpower – leading recruitment and temp firm in Austria where you can get your name on the books and let them do the job hunting for you
  • Aviteus – specifically recruits specialists and managers in Austria
  • Hays – a global recruitment agency that operates across 33 countries with offices in Vienna and Graz
  • Michael Page – a professional recruitment consultancy that specializes in placing candidates in permanent, contract, temporary, and interim positions around the world

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Specialist jobs

  • Euro Science Jobs – a good resource for finding work within the field of science in Austria

Job fairs

  • Career Competence – the largest annual job and career fair in Western Austria
  • Trade Fair Dates – has a filter for job trade fairs in Austria

Then, you must apply for a trade license from the local district authority. After that, you can register your business with the Austrian Commercial Register. You will need to translate all documents into German with an official translation service such as lingoking. The official copies must also be certified by a notary. Then, after you have paid the registration fees, your business can legally trade. Jobs in Austria

This is also the case for freelancers working in Austria as they typically work with various clients on a range of projects. In fact, there is much in common between the two and both will need to file freelance taxes as well as pay social security and insurance. Unfortunately, both also have less protection under Austrian labor laws. Recently, Austria brought in a new category called “new self-employed” for those who don’t fall into the freelancer category. Typically, this includes authors, experts, translators, and musicians. Jobs in Austria

In Austria, being self-employed as an expat means that you can register a company and sponsor your own working visa. Conversely, this is much more difficult and the reason why the majority of expats in the country work for existing companies.

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Traineeships, internships, and volunteering jobs in Austria

Basically, there are two forms of externship in Austria. You can either join as a levy or work as an hand. For scholars wishing to work to ultimately come an hand, the usual labor laws apply. Again, for levies, they don’t apply.

Although German language chops are an asset, numerous of the openings are in the tourism assiduity where English and other languages may be a benefit. Beneficially, if you do a placement within a hostel or eatery, you’re likely to get free accommodation and food. else, in places like Vienna, you’ll find that flatshares are fairly easy to find.

As mentioned, EU passport holders and EEC citizens admit the same treatment as Austrians and bear no work or other permits. still,non-EU residers need a work permit.

Here are a couple of sites that you can check to search for internships:
  • Erasmus – a renowned program where you can apply for internships and placements in Austria
  • Student Job – advertises volunteer, part-time, and internship positions for students all over Austria with a breakdown of each city

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Applying for jobs in Austria

In Austria, you’ll generally apply for a job by transferring a CV and a cover letter. Hopefully, this will lead to an interview for the position. This may be with your main master or it could involve several people from the company depending on how big it is. Alternate interviews are also common in Austria. In general, Austrian employers are careful and tend to take their time making opinions, so do n’t anticipate an answer overnight.. Jobs in Austria

You’ll want to precisely draft your cover letter and CV to feed to the Austrian conditions. For illustration, in Austria, the cover letter is considered indeed more important than the CV as it contains further about your individual character and personality. Importantly, it should be written in German if at all possible. generally, Austrian employers want to see written references from each of your former employers.

These references should include your job title and time spent working in the part, as well as details of the tasks you shouldered and your liabilities. You should also have a summary of your accomplishments and particular geste that will reflect well on yourcharacter.However, it’s worth trying out an online capsule builder similar as Resume, If you ’re doubtful of where to start with your CV and to make the process easier. Jobs in Austria

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Starting a job in Austria

Once you have landed your dream job in Austria, you have little to worry about except wowing your employer. Fortunately, your employer will enroll you in all the necessary social and health insurance programs, including your pension. Jobs in Austria

still, you’ll probably want to read up on the Austrian business culture to insure that you nail it from the progeny- go and do n’t make any cringe- good faux papas . For illustration, unlike in some countries around the world, staying late to appear enthusiastic will actually make you feel hamstrung in Austria. Austrians also value their work- life balance immensely which is good news for expats. Jobs in Austria

Useful resources

  • Migration Austria – a government site about working in Austria
  • SHRM – a human resources article about new flexitime rules in Austria
  • Eurofound – a page about job-sharing in Austria
  • Vienna Business Agency – a reource for local business events, especially in the start-up and innovation sectors
  • Business Upper Austria – the Upper Austrian government agency with networking initiatives in the city as well as programs that support entrepreneurial innovation

How to Apply

The easiest way to apply for unskilled jobs in Austria is through the online job portal website where you can see the list of active jobs in Austria. Here are some job posting websites where you can find unskilled jobs in Austria.

  • Linkden
  • indeed
  • glassdoor

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