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How high self-esteem helps to tame conflicts at work

High self-esteem. While studying at university, I wanted an adult life and got a job in a well-known company as an assistant manager. This was my first such coveted and long-awaited job. I was waiting for something romantic and interesting, but life threw a real test. I was not at all ready for corporate wars. The naive girl in “pink glasses” was just learning the rules of the game in the adult world and they turned out to be quite strict.

Meet our heroes

Manager Irina. A beautiful, clever 25-year-old girl who was already married to a very rich criminal, had a relationship with the company’s boss, and this probably gave her the right, at least in her imagination, to despise other people, managing to look at people at her young age. from top to bottom.

Manager Larissa. Pretty girl 30 years old, unmarried, without children, with low IQ, but very ambitious and confident in her “unsurpassed” mind and abilities.

Manager Irina and Larisa were constantly harassed by their bosses so that they could compete with each other at work and bring him even higher profits. The girls had two “fun” hobbies – to quarrel with each other, and during the truce – to be friends against everyone. These girls were chosen by the method of strict selection, they learned to sell abroad and felt their superiority and impunity.

I had to work with them in the same office, so I was a free observer of all the vicissitudes. Before that, a dozen of my predecessors had changed in the office, and sooner or later all of them were “eaten” by these managers. I was the only assistant manager who managed to stay in this position for more than a year, until I realized that here I have reached my maximum and time to move on.

Problem. Not mathematical, but for survival in the office.

What should you do if you are an assistant manager and managers regularly and persistently ask you to do something for them and for them that is not part of your responsibilities? Or somehow provoke you into conflict.

  • Option A. Agree and “quench” the conflict. Why not? You can make friends with them. But there is a possibility to become one of them.
  • Option B. Clearly place all points above the “and”. Tell the girls that, for example: “I make coffee or do something only on the instructions of the head and for the head . ” There is a high probability of making enemies and not staying at work for a week.

Solution _ _

There can be many options and they can all be right. On one condition. You can make coffee or not, do something or not do it for others, but it should always be from the point of view of your strength and your inner desire to do it. And only so.

Yes, this is again about high adequate self-esteem. Without it, it is better not to play corporate games, because you lose at the start.

What is it – high self-esteem, which is talked about so much, but only the lucky ones know what it really looks like.

High self-esteem is a method of resisting conflicts

High self-esteem is about a calm inner feeling of your uniqueness, about knowing yourself and the confidence that you are a value to the world, without any conditions.

Some have been instilled with high self-esteem since childhood, some have acquired it on their own. A person who is convinced that he is so valuable that he can solve any situation is invincible. Well almost. Especially if it’s easy and humorous.

How can you go to work in a crumpled blouse ?!  (The blouse was actually ironed, but crumpled under the coat).

Did you have a blouse ? Hmmm, yes, it is. I will follow this, thank you.

You have to take the documents, because I do not want to go, it’s not a royal affair.

Hmm, not royal, you say? Recently, I feel a lot of bubbling blue blood. Probably, I am also a princess.

At the level of the body, high self-esteem is felt as calm, absolute balance of the right and left. A person has an inner core that seems to keep him in space and a strange unsurpassed feeling of inner freedom to follow their goals, desires, and understand what she needs. A person with high self-esteem expresses his thoughts in a balanced way and proves why he will not do something.

And do you know what will happen? People are beginning to feel that this is no longer possible with you, invisible borders are being built, which “difficult” colleagues will not even think of crossing. And if it falls, then one time they will remember for a long time.

A person with high self-esteem is already an energetically different person. She can say nothing, and stop the daredevil even with a look. And he, realizing the futility of his attacks, will run to look for another victim.

Yes, “complex” people are usually energy vampires who want to get energy from others. And they will always be where they are “fed” and “fed” by their victims. You, with your high self-esteem, will become “tasteless” for them.

Another good news of high self-esteem is that a person stops working for pennies and agrees to less. She is rapidly increasing her social status, growing her financial level and the level of goals.

Therefore, high self-esteem is always a positive change. And these changes are best done with a psychologist. You can also find exercises on the Internet to develop self-esteem and try to increase it, but our brain resists, it does not like change. He is for security. And change for him is a step into the unknown and a danger. Yes, as you did before, he knows. He was there. Although it was bad, colleagues made life unbearable, but this is already familiar territory. Bad, but its own, predictable. And go to the new? No… Scary… That’s why most people imitate change throughout their lives, instead of going to a specialist who can quickly and painlessly help make that change happen.

So if you are ready to quickly and efficiently improve the level of self-esteem, confidence, increase the inner core, reach a new level of communication with colleagues, the highest social and material level, turn to specialists.

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