Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai: UAE Jobs

Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai – Dubai is a leading Ship Conversion and Offshore Fabrication yard with over 3 decades of experience. Situated in a strategic location in the Middle East, Drydocks World-Dubai provides excellent services to maritime, oil, gas and energy companies operating worldwide. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

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Drydocks Jobs in Dubai. The yard is committed to operating in a safe and ethical manner, using the best technologies available to deliver high quality projects. We apologize for the inconvenience. The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please check the address bar to make sure the link is typed correctly, or search the site for another destination. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai: UAE Jobs 2023

Etihad Energy Services, (Etihad ESCO), wholly-owned subsidiary by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), has announced an agreement to upgrade  lighting systems at Drydocks World facilities. This agreement represents  collaboration and the strategic partnership between the two parties driving   sustainable and energy efficient  solutions in refrigeration, lighting and water sectors. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

  • Company Name: DryDocks World
  • Job Location: Dubai, U.A.E
  • Education: Diploma/Degree
  • Experience: Experienced are preferred
  • Salary Range: To be discussed

Drydocks World is a prominent boat form, conversion, and shipbuilding company with a rich history and a global character for excellence. Established in 1983, Drydocks World is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and operates one of the largest ockyards in the world. The company has played a significant part in shaping the maritime assiduity and has earned the trust of guests worldwide. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

DryDocks World Dubai Careers

The agreement includes the application of modern, smart, indoor, and outdoor lighting solutions at Drydocks World facilities with 378 lighting units to be replaced at the smithery and pipes workshop, as well as at outdoor lighting areas. As for targeted savings, it is expected that the project will save around 943,094 KWH annually, equlling to AED 419,676, the equivalent power consumption of 60 apartments per year a 55% of the total lighting power consumption in the targeted areas. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

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Drydocks World’s dockyard installation is strategically located at the heart of Dubai’s maritime cluster, furnishing easy access to major shipping routes and global requests. The dockyard spans an emotional area and is equipped with state- of- the- art structure, including dry jetties, shops, fabrication yards, and specialized installations for boat form, conversion, and construction systems. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

Inspector – Safety (Patrol) UAE
Expeditor UAE
Junior Fire Engineer UAE
Foreman UAE

Over the past 33 years Drydocks World-Dubai has become a leading provider of marine and offshore services to the shipping, oil, gas and energy sectors. The 10,000+ workforce and state-of-the-art-facilities at Drydocks World on average complete over 340 projects/year, with a record of handling 42 refurbishment projects simultaneously. The yard is spread over 200 hectares, 4 drydocks with the largest dock capable of handling the world’s largest ship and over 3,700m of berth space. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

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One of the crucial strengths of Drydocks World is its expansive moxie in boat form and conservation. The company offers comprehensive form and refurbishment services for a wide range of vessels, including marketable vessels, coastal support vessels, nonmilitary vessels, and superyachts. From routine conservation and class checks to major repairs and complex retrofits, Drydocks World has the capabilities to handle different form conditions. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

Asst. Manager Maintenance UAE
Vendor management coordinator UAE
Safety Instructor UAE
Welding Supervisor UAE

Etihad Energy Services, (Etihad ESCO), wholly-owned subsidiary by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), has announced an agreement to upgrade  lighting systems at Drydocks World facilities. This agreement represents  collaboration and the strategic partnership between the two parties driving   sustainable and energy efficient  solutions in refrigeration, lighting and water sectors. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

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In addition to boat form, Drydocks World has established itself as a leading player in the field of boat conversion. The company has successfully accepted multitudinous conversion systems, including the conversion of tankers into floating storehouse and offloading( FSO) units, conversion of drilling equipages into product platforms, and conversion of vessels for technical purposes similar as accommodation, pipe- laying, and well intervention. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

Civil Engineer- Projects UAE
Supervisor – Ducting & Insulation UAE
Foreman – Piping UAE

likewise, Drydocks World has a strong track record in shipbuilding. The company has constructed a wide array of vessels, ranging from coastal support vessels to sophisticated jack- up drilling equipages and floating product storehouse and offloading( FPSO) units. Drydocks World’s shipbuilding capabilities encompass the entire process, from design and engineering to fabrication, assembly, and commissioning, icing the delivery of high- quality vessels that meet guests’ specific conditions. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

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Drydocks World has earned a character for its commitment to invention and technological advancements. The company constantly invests in exploration and development to stay at the van of boat form, conversion, and construction technologies. By using slice- edge tools, processes, and methodologies, Drydocks World enhances functional effectiveness, shortens design timelines, and delivers cost-effective results to its guests. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

HR Compliance Officer UAE
Assistant Manager – Pipe UAE
Commissioning Engineer UAE
Pipe Supervisor UAE

The company’s fidelity to quality is apparent through its adherence to transnational norms and instruments. Drydocks World has attained instruments similar as ISO 9001( Quality Management System), ISO 14001( Environmental Management System), and OHSAS 18001( Occupational Health and Safety Management System). These instruments reflect the company’s commitment to delivering excellence while maintaining a strong focus on safety, environmental sustainability, and client satisfaction. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

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Drydocks World’s global reach extends beyond its operations in Dubai. The company has established a presence in crucial maritime capitals worldwide through common gambles and hookups. These strategic collaborations enable Drydocks World to give services and support to guests in different regions, offering them a comprehensive and intertwined range of results acclimatized to their specific requirements. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

Project Planner UAE
Assistant Manager – Fabrication UAE
Mechanical Completion Engineer – Piping UAE

In recent times, Drydocks World has expanded its portfolio to include other sectors similar as coastal oil painting and gas, renewable energy, and maritime engineering. The company’s moxie and capabilities have been necessary in supporting the development of coastal energy systems, including the construction of coastal platforms, fabrication of subsea structures, and installation of wind ranch foundations. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

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Which benefits does Drydocks World provide?
  • Comprehensive Ship Repair and Maintenance: Drydocks World specializes in ship repair and maintenance services, catering to a diverse range of vessels. Whether it’s routine maintenance, class surveys, or major repairs, the company has the expertise and facilities to handle various requirements. This ensures that clients’ vessels remain in optimal condition, extending their operational life and maximizing their performance.
  • Expertise in Ship Conversion: Drydocks World is renowned for its proficiency in ship conversion projects. The company has successfully undertaken numerous complex conversions, enabling clients to repurpose vessels for specialized applications. From converting tankers into floating storage units to transforming drilling rigs into production platforms, Drydocks World’s expertise in ship conversion helps clients optimize their assets and explore new opportunities. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai


  • Customized Shipbuilding Solutions: With its shipbuilding capabilities, Drydocks World offers customized solutions tailored to clients’ specific requirements. From offshore support vessels to sophisticated drilling rigs and production units, the company has a track record of delivering high-quality vessels. Drydocks World’s expertise in shipbuilding enables clients to acquire technologically advanced and reliable vessels that meet their operational needs. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai
  • Technological Advancements and Innovation: Drydocks World prioritizes innovation and technological advancements in its operations. By investing in research and development, the company stays at the forefront of industry trends and emerging technologies. This commitment to innovation enables Drydocks World to provide clients with state-of-the-art solutions, enhanced operational efficiency, and cost-effective project execution. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

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  • Global Reach and Strategic Partnerships: Drydocks World’s strategic partnerships and joint ventures have expanded its global reach. With a presence in key maritime hubs worldwide, the company can offer its services and support to clients in various regions. This global presence ensures that clients have access to Drydocks World’s expertise, facilities, and resources, regardless of their geographical location.
  • Quality and Certifications: Drydocks World upholds rigorous quality standards and has obtained internationally recognized certifications. The company’s adherence to ISO certifications demonstrates its commitment to delivering excellence, maintaining high-quality standards, and meeting clients’ expectations. Drydocks World’s quality focus ensures that clients receive reliable, safe, and compliant services. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai


  • Commitment to Safety and Sustainability: Drydocks World prioritizes safety in all its operations. The company follows strict safety protocols and implements measures to ensure a safe working environment for its employees and clients. Additionally, Drydocks World is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, adopting practices that minimize its impact on the environment and actively participating in green initiatives and projects. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai
  • Integrated Services and Support: Drydocks World offers integrated services throughout the entire project lifecycle. From design and engineering to fabrication, installation, and commissioning, the company provides end-to-end solutions. This integrated approach ensures seamless project execution and allows clients to benefit from streamlined processes, effective communication, and a single point of contact for their project requirements. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

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How to Apply for Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai?

Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai. If you are interested to apply for Drydocks World job openings then you have to create your job profile at Drydocks World Jobs portal. After creating profile you have to provide all your personal details, skills, experiences, educational degrees and other essential information regarding job title. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

After that you must have to upload your updated CV with attractive cover letter showing your specialties for the job.Here is the step-by-step process describe to apply online online job application for Drydocks Jobs in Dubai

  • Visit the career portal of Drydocks World Jobs by clicking atApply Now link provided above in the table
  • Read the job details, summary, requirements, duties and responsibilities sincerely
  • After deciding to apply for a position, click on Apply button
  • Enter your email address to register for job profile
  • Click on “Next”
  • Fill up your personal details and other necessary requirements asked there
  • Upload CV/Resume with Cover Letter
  • Submit your online job application form and wait for response.

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Drydocks World is also committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company adopts environmentally friendly practices in its operations, minimizing the impact on the marine ecosystem. Drydocks World laboriously participates in enterprise and systems concentrated on green technologies and clean energy results, contributing to a more sustainable maritime assiduity. Drydocks World Jobs in Dubai

Overall, Drydocks World stands as a global leader in boat form, conversion, and shipbuilding, furnishing


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