15 Best Positions Paying at Least $100,000 in 2023

15 Best Positions Paying at Least $100,000 in 2023

Best Positions Paying at Least $100,000 in 2023. Do you intend to stop surviving paycheck to paycheck someday? Then, there is some positive news. Without a postgraduate degree, it is feasible to earn $100,000 or more annually. Just make the appropriate career choice.

15 Best Positions Paying at Least $100,000 in 2023 

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Look at these 15 well-known careers with median annual salaries of at least $100,000. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is the source of all wage data (BLS).
Do you wish you could retire sooner?

Many people want to retire early, but few of us have a strategy for doing so. The queries we have instead are things like: How much money do we need? Where should we store that cash? Best Positions Paying

1. Nursing professional

A prestigious career as a nurse practitioner enables you to help people, frequently acting as their primary healthcare provider. A doctorate is not necessary for this position. You can earn a master’s degree in nursing and work as a nurse practitioner if you are currently a registered nurse.

Compared to registered nurses, who make an average yearly salary of $82,750, nurse practitioners make an average of $118,040. Best Positions Paying

2. A security analyst for information

Information security specialists work to maintain the security of computer systems. A bachelor’s degree is required for this position, which has an annual median compensation of $102,600. Best Positions Paying

Through 2031, opportunities are expected to grow at a rate that is much quicker than normal due to the increasing demand for this position.

3. An Accounting Supervisor

If financial management is your area of interest, you might work for an investment company or insurance provider. However, financial managers are employed in various sectors.

The majority of financial managers at entry-level hold bachelor’s degrees. $131,710 is the median salary nationwide. Through 2031, the BLS projects that there will be more than 71,000 job opportunities year for financial managers. Best Positions Paying

4. Software programmer

Consider a career as a software developer if creating computer programs and applications sounds enjoyable. For this career, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in computer and information technology, or something comparable. Best Positions Paying

$109,020 is the average salary for this position. The need for software engineers is anticipated to increase by 25% by 2031.

5. Marketing Director

If you have experience in sales or advertising, it might be a good idea to look into a career as a marketing manager. As businesses try to fill the void left by recent retirement, there is a rising need for new marketing managers. Best Positions Paying

With a median yearly compensation of $135,030, you may anticipate a good salary.

You can possibly make more money depending on the state in which you reside. In the state of New York, marketing managers make an average of $190,760 a year. Best Positions Paying

6. A computer and information science researcher

Computer and information researchers take both new and old technologies and give it new uses.

Although certain positions simply call for a bachelor’s degree, computer and information research scientists typically begin the field with a master’s degree. Best Positions Paying

7. Auditor

Actuaries use statistical methods to estimate economic hazards. While many actuaries work in an office setting, some jobs do demand travel. Best Positions Paying

The annual median pay is $105,900. A bachelor’s degree will probably be necessary to find employment as an actuary, and you’ll also need to pass certification exams. Best Positions Paying

8. A network architect for computers

Networks for data transmission are built by computer network architects. A bachelor’s degree and prior professional experience in a comparable subject are typically prerequisites for becoming a computer network architect.

Computer network architects are expected to experience similar job growth as other professions. The annual median pay is $120,520.

9. An economist

As an economist, you spend your days examining data and assessing different economic challenges.

You need a bachelor’s degree at the very least to work as an economist. A master’s degree is needed for many positions, though.

An economist’s median yearly pay in the United States is $105,630.

10. Engineer, electrical

From developing it to overseeing the production process, electrical engineers are involved in many various facets of electrical equipment.

More than 20,000 job openings per year are anticipated through 2031, despite the fact that demand for electrical engineers is expanding more slowly than that of many other professions. The average yearly wage is $101,780.

11. Nurse gynecologist

The most well-known function of a nurse midwife is to provide care for expectant and new mothers.

In the United States, nurse midwives make an average of $114,210 a year. Your compensation might rise to over $166,000 if you are one of the highest earners.

A master’s in nursing could help you earn a high-paying position as a nurse midwife.

12. Sales technologist

If you enjoy both sales and technology, a career as a sales engineer is a fantastic choice. In order to market cutting-edge technical products to businesses, you’ll employ your people abilities.

Sales engineers get an average salary of $103,710. The lowest earners’ salaries average around $62,000, while the highest earners’ salaries exceed $180,000.

13. Manager of industrial production

You oversee manufacturing facilities’ operations in this job. A bachelor’s degree and prior work experience in a comparable subject are probably requirements. However, if you have substantial expertise, a high school graduation may not be necessary.

Industrial production managers make a median annual pay of $103,150. Although the rate of job growth for this field is predicted to be lower than that of many other professions, there will still be more than 15,000 job vacancies year through 2031.

14. Database designer

A database architect creates systems to store and safeguard data, and they are well compensated for their work. Over the coming years, more job opportunities are expected, according to experts.

Database architects make an average yearly pay of $123,430. Top earners in the field earned about $169,500 annually. A bachelor’s degree is the bare least you should have, while a master’s degree can help you stand out from the competition. Best Positions Paying

14. Medical assistant

You can diagnose patients, dispense medication, and request medical testing as a physician assistant.

Physician assistant careers do not often require a PhD, but a master’s degree is usually needed.

The greatest average earnings are found in outpatient care centers, where the yearly median compensation is $121,530. Physician assistants employed in these types of healthcare facilities in the US make an average salary of $128,430 per year.

To sum up

There are many positions that pay at least $100,000. You can increase your income and swiftly pay off any outstanding debt by getting one of these jobs. Best Positions Paying

So, if your career is at a standstill, think about applying for one of these lucrative positions.

You can increase your income today by switching to one of these occupations, giving you a better tomorrow.

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